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As always, Letterature - Rome Literature Festival gives the public a reading area and a survey of contemporary cultural phenomena, thanks to its winning formula which involves the public in the process of listening and reflection. The Festival at the Basilica of Massenzio is more than a media event, in which authors are invited to present to a wide audience the accomplishment of their thought. The Festival of Massenzio does not make any comments, it does not introduce the authors: it gives you the chance to share an experience which belongs to the world of writing but that you can listen to it as a concert, and you can see it as a play.

The theme of this edition focuses on the culture of the Sixties (with its strengths, flaws, obsessions and features), that particular period of time best summarized by the title of one of Fellini's films, which has become a sort of an all-embracing formula. But we have reversed the terms of the formula to start reading that decade with a fresh attitude, even though may years have passed, with the help of the more thoughtful and analytical approach of philosophers and novelists. "La Vita Dolce. Il ritmo del pensiero" (La Vita Dolce. The rhythm of thought): starting from this simple provocation, the festival will unfold in a series of ten evenings, a kind of return to the past in order to move ahead, as in the children's board game Game of the Goose.

This year, therefore, besides writers there will also be interventions of seven philosophers and an economist. The presence of women authors is very high, reflecting the fact that the strength and the quality of female thought are an important and vital part of the event.

As usual, the protagonists of the events do not dialogue with each other, but they read an unpublished text on the specific topic of the evening. In the case of the foreign authors, the texts will be simultaneously translated on the screen.

The evening will be accompanied by music, played live by contemporary Italian bands such as GABINETE - MARLENE KUNTZ - MEG... and DJ sets. The final programme of the musical performances, organized in collaboration with IL CIRCOLO DEGLI ARTISTI, will be announced in an upcoming press conference.

Concept and Art Direction: Maria Ida Gaeta - Evening director: Fabrizio Arcuri

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