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20 MAY

THE SWEET LIFE - Futility recaptured and necessary fragments Those were formidable years… Ennio Flaiano in his own words and images

Filippo Timi

Author: Filippo Timi

Read: E' amara a volte la dolcezza - Unpublished

Raffaele La Capria

Author: Raffaele La Capria

Read: Gli anni della dolce vita - Unpublished



The opening night of the festival pays tribute to the writer, journalist and screenwriter Ennio Flaiano, who described our society and our country with a sharp mind and wit, in an unparalleled, fresh and relevant way. A bunch of contemporary writers will read unpublished texts on the Dolce Vita in Italy today.

A video interview with Gillo Dorfles, inspired by Flaiano's aphorisms and reflections on Italian society, will be screened during the evening.

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