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IMAGE - Transparent lives: the ecstasy everyday life

Julia Kristeva

Philosopher: Julia Kristeva

Read: La passione secondo Teresa d'Avila - Unpublished

Tiziano Scarpa

Author: Tiziano Scarpa

Read: Text to be defined - Published



The closing evening of Letterature will feature the philosopher and intellectual Julia Kristeva, who was born in Bulgaria but has become a French citizen. She teaches linguistics and semiotics at the University of Paris and is also a writer and a psychoanalyst. She stands as one of the foremost French structuralists, as well as a leading figure in psychoanalysis (after attending Lacan's seminars she became a psychoanalyst). Her academic and professional qualifications are numerous: Director of D.E.A - Etudes litteraires; permanent visiting professor of French literature at Columbia University and head of D.R.A.P.S. (Diplome de recherches en approfondies psycopathologie et semiology); in 2000 founded the Institute Roland Barthes which she still directs. Kristeva has worked with Michel Foucault, Roland Barthes, Jacques Derrida and Philippe Sollers, whom she married. For her considerable intellectual and cultural accomplishments she has received many awards, such as the Holberg Prize in 2004. Kristeva wrote more than 30 works, which are translated into many foreign languages. Among her recent publications in Italian it is worthy to remember her trilogy on female genius (Hannah Arendt, Melanie Klein, Colette), published by Donzelli, and her his latest book La testa senza il corpo. Il viso e l'invisibile nell'immaginario dell'Occidente (Donzelli 2009).

The second guest of the evening is the novelist, playwright and poet Tiziano Scarpa, whose unpublished text will be accompanied by the music of Luca Bergia and Davide Arneodo (Marlene Kuntz). Scarpa is one of the founders of the literary reviews Nazione indiana and Il primo amore (on the web and on print). For the theatre he wrote many plays. In 2007 he won the first prize of the 39th International Theatre Festival of the Venice Biennale with L'Ultima casa. His last play is L'inseguitore, which was first staged in 2008 at the Naples Theatre Festival. His novels include Occhi sulla graticola (1996), Amore ® (1998), Venezia è un pesce and Cos'è questo fracasso? (2000), Cosa voglio da te (2003), Kamikaze d'occidente (2003), Corpo (2004), Groppi d'amore nella scuraglia (2005), Batticuore fuorilegge (2006). In 2009 Tiziano Scarpa won the SuperMondello and the Prize Strega for his novel Stabat Mater (Einaudi 2008). His latest published books are La vita, non il mondo (Laterza, 2010), Le cose fondamentali (Einaudi, 2010). His books have been translated into many languages.


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