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LOVE - Eventful lives: bodies and passions

Anais Ginori

Author: Anais Ginori

Read: Veline / velate - Unpublished

Walter Siti

Author: Walter Siti

Read: L’amore mutante - Unpublished



The fourth evening of Letterature is opened by the Italian journalist and writer Anaïs Ginori. After Le Parole di Genova (2001) and Non Calpestate le farfalle (2007), she recently published Pensare l'impossibile. Donne che non si arrendono (Fandango, 2010), a research on the condition of women in our country. From the research, conducted through a series of interviews, it emerges that less than half of women work full-time in Italy and few of them are in senior positions, that the mass media present a stereotyped image of the female body. It also emerges that fundamental rights such as abortion or assistance to procreation are being questioned, and that many girls think that it is normal to use their bodies to make a career.

The second guest of the evening is the literary critic, essayist and writer Walter Siti. Born in Modena in 1947, he taught Italian literature at the University of L'Aquila. He edited the Meridiano edition of Pasolini. Einaudi has published Scuola di nudo (1994), Un dolore normale (1999), La magnifica merce (2004) and Troppi paradisi (2006). His latest novel Il contagio (Mondadori, 2008), is set in the Roman suburbs, amid grotesque and violent stories: it is the definitive novel on the widespread corruption and racketeering, on the world of cocaine, on denied and sold sex. Siti's oeuvre, from its beginning, is characterized by a merciless analysis of human feelings and by a frontal relationship with reality

A different approach to the topic of the evening is given by the writer and journalist Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, who in his latest book Fimmini (Mondatori, 2009) depicts, with the wit of the great charmer, a fascinating portrait populated by unforgettable women characters and by the great lovers of the last century. Pietrangelo Buttafuoco was born in Catania. He is a journalist for Panorama and Il foglio. Mondadori published Le uova del drago (2005) and L'ultima del diavolo (2008). Recently he wrote and hosted the cultural show "Il grande gioco" on Rai Due.


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