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FICTION - Life today: provocations and lies

Marco Senaldi

Philosopher: Marco Senaldi

Read: Il rovescio della finzione - Unpublished

Philippe Djian

Author: Philippe Djian

Read: Incidenze - Unpublished

Elizabeth Strout

Author: Elizabeth Strout

Read: Appetite - Unpublished



The fifth night of Letterature kicks off with the art critic and philosopher Marco Senaldi. In his latest book, Arte e televisione. Da Andy Warhol al Grande Fratello (Postmedia books 2009), Senaldi analyzes the "interferences" that, in recent years, have characterized the relationship between the television image and the image that every work of art tries to convey to the viewer. He also invites the reader to understand contemporary art through television and television through art: two key places of fiction and artifice, and yet, paradoxically, related to the real and to the basic mechanism of our society and our contemporary lifestyle.

The evening continues with the popular author Philippe Djian, who gained fame in the 1980s as the heir to the French beat generation. Djian, who is considered a cult figure of the French literary scene, grew up in Paris where he did any kind of work, from the dock worker to the journalist. The film Betty Blue, directed by JJ Beneix, is based on his novel 37°2 le matin (1985), made him famous worldwide. The French filmmaker André Téchiné is making a movie based on his novel Imperdonabili (Voland 2009), which topped the list of best selling books in France for months. The same happened to Incidences, published in the winter of 2010.

Third guest of the evening is the American author Elizabeth Strout, whose novel Olive Kitteridge (Fazi) won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2009. It is a collection of 13 connected short stories about a woman named Olive -a witty and sarcastic retired teacher- and her immediate family and friends in the town of Crosby in coastal Maine. Resta con me was published this year by Fazi.



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