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DESTINY - Life forms: choice and chance

Jamaica Kincaid

Author: Jamaica Kincaid

Read: Il Decano e Mrs. Hess - Unpublished

Sapphire (Ramona Lofton)

Author: Sapphire (Ramona Lofton)

Read: Amabili resti - Unpublished



Destiny is the central theme of the seventh evening of Letterature, which will be introduced by a text written by the philosopher Massimo Cacciari, whose latest book, Hamletica (Adelphi 2009), investigates the insecurity of modern man and his inability to make decisions and act. Cacciari is Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, University San Raffaele, Milan, and author of many books, among them: Krisis (Feltrinelli, 1976); Drama y duelo (Tecnos, 1989); Drân. Mèridiens de la décision (L'Eclat, 1992). With Adelphi he published: Dallo Steinhof, 1980, Icone della Legge, 1985, L'Angelo necessario, 1986, Dell'Inizio, 1990, a diptych on the idea of Europe - Geofilosofia dell'Europa, 1994, and L'Arcipelago, 1997, Della cosa ultima, 2004 and Tre icone, 2007.

The evening continues with a Caribbean-American writer Jamaica Kincaid. From her earliest books she is considered one of the most interesting voice of postcolonial literature in English. She belongs to the generation of writers engaged in the fierce and often painful process of redefining identities, which are marked by ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity. She worked at the The New Yorker magazine until 1995 and has been teaching Creative Writing at Harvard University since then. Autobiografia di mia madre (1997, The Autobiography of My Mother), Mio fratello (1999, My Brother), Un posto piccolo (2000, A Small Place), Mr. Potter (2005), Lucy (2008), have been published in Italy by Adelphi

The American author and performance poet Sapphire (born Ramona Lofton) is the third guest of the evening. The 2009 American drama film directed by Lee Daniels, Precious, was based on her first novel Push (Push - La storia di Precious Jones). The film received two Academy Awards. The novel, which has sparked heated debate in the U.S. for its strong social content, is set in Harlem, New York in 1987 and tells the story of Claireece Precious Jones, an obese and illiterate 16 year old. The victim of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of both of her parents, Precious is pregnant with her second child, both pregnancies the result of repeatedly being raped by her father. Fanadango is publishing on May 2010 a new edition of the novel, titled Precious, coincidentally with the release of the film in Italy.


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