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OBSESSION - Life on the run: the love of the temporary





The guest of the ninth evening is the philosopher Stefano Zecchi, Professor of Aesthetics at the University of Milan. Participant observer of social and cultural changes of our country, the category of beauty is at the centre of Zecchi's thought, in his theoretical works as well as in his novels, as an antidote to the complexity which threatens our lives. Stefano Zecchi investigates the phenomenon of media, especially television, believing that an intellectual must exercise an "active surveillance" over the communication tools which might defraud the public of their critical freedom and of beauty.

The evening continues with Joyce Carol Oates, one of the most important and significant writer of contemporary American fiction. Often mentioned as a possible Nobel laureate, she is considered a cult figure. The recurring themes of her works are psychological trauma, violence, social tensions, the traces and the consequences of people's lives. Among her best works: Them (1969, which received the National Book Award in 1970), American Appetites (1989), Zombie (1995), Una famiglia americana (1996, We Were the Mulvaneys), Perché sono uomini (1997, Man Crazy), Blonde (2000), L'età di mezzo ( 2001, Middle-Age: A Romance), Bestie (2002, Beasts), Occhi di tempesta (2003, Freaky Green Eyes), Stupro, una storia d'amore (2004, Rape: A Love Story), Sexy (2006), La madre che mi manca (2007, Missing Mom), La figlia dello straniero (2008, The Gravedigger's Daughter). Her last novel published in Italy is Sorella (Mondadori 2009, My Sister, My Love).


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